Wherever side

Wherever side

Truth is the most sacred, powerful and expensive treasure

Truth is the one everyone wishes
Everyone claims the one
Everyone grasps the one

When we lose the one, it is still here
When we get the one, it is everywhere

Everything including the Truth is explainable
Truth is a science, science is a truth
Either which could function as a weapon that depends so much on its holder
Less understanding about the one plus over trusting on the one often could deviate the way the one itself 
Truth is eternal
The era ever tell the truth always appear on the right time
Getting the emerging true truth of the oldest hidden eternal fact is truly a genuine felicity
Think with clear mind, never leave the heart lonely   
Those all are just color of the world 
Those all are just prettiness of nature
Wherever side, we want to contemplate that from
True truth will remain equal  

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