Today testimony

“Today testimony”

      The followings are cases, events and cosmological observations that are still mysterious for “The Big Bang Theory”. On the contrary, those points are very important and becoming significant supporting data for “Cloud & rain model” as the genuine Universe’s structure.

1.    “Faster than speed of light”. Actually, cosmological observation data we get that many sky objects showing redshift z >1 has presented strong indication for this case that certain objects can really flit faster than the light speed. If we trust that redshift data (we do trust that) then it’s all finish! A friend still gives alibi that on that cosmological case, it is space that expand, while objects of matter are being carried away by space. Wisdom speaking: “This is really controversial!” 
We have to be smart enough to judge the above case. Several other points should be included. Principally, there is only little different between any travelling object and the space as travel media. Both items (“object that travel” and “space as travel media”) contain space & matter. So, on above case, it is confirmed that object of “compressed atom structure matter” really can travel faster than the light speed on cosmos as travel media. See more explanation about this at page: “Introduction” of this blog.

      Nevertheless, as “Wisdom speaking” has said: “That is really controversial!”, so the follow case is absolutely an undisputed proof of certain object really can flit faster than the light speed, Mystery object in Starburst Galaxy M82 possible micro-quasar”, ( and Messier 82”, (  
2.    “Huge LQC”. See these articles: “Largest Quasar Group LQG discovered”, (, “Thunderbolts Project – Huge Quasar Cluster refutes Big Bang Theory”, (, “Big Bang Theory Wrong Again - Lagest known quasar group or "object" confirms Halton Arps predictions”, (, “The Large Quasar Group, the Largest Structure in the Universe”, (, “Large quasar group is largest structure in the universe: scientists”, (

The articles above write about “Largest Quasar Group (LQG)” ever found. “Cloud & rain model” warmly welcome this finding. This structure is totally in harmony with “Cloud & rain model”. With “Cloud & rain model”, it synchronizes with galaxies growth starting from stars births. It also synchronizes with galaxies expanding like cloud over our planet sky. So, no more comments!        

Then, how about “The Big Bang theory”? Too many controversies should appear in “Big Bang theory” about this finding, but they are simply quiet. For them, Universe is still hiding many mysteries, while mysteries are stuck with “The Big Bang theory” itself. So, why bother too much! As long as “The Big Bang theory” is still in the hand then keep it tightly! Never ever lose it whatever happens!

3.    “Facts about Dark matter”.
The follow texts are copy paste from: “Dark matter”, (
Dark matter is a type of matter hypothesized in astronomy and cosmology to account for effects that appear to be the result of mass where no such mass can be seen. Dark matter cannot be seen directly with telescopes; evidently it neither emits nor absorbs light or other electromagnetic radiation at any significant level. It is otherwise hypothesized to simply be matter that is not reactant to light. Instead, the existence and properties of dark matter are inferred from its gravitational effects on visible matter, radiation, and the large-scale structure of the universe”, and  “Thus, dark matter is estimated to constitute 84.5% of the total matter in the universe, while dark energy plus dark matter constitute 95.1% of the total content of the universe”.

The above expressions harmonize with “Cloud & rain model” expectation that dark matter is particles of “compressed atom structure matter”, where we get situation; space = 0% and matter = 100 %. It also synchronizes with “Cloud & rain model” expectation that dark matter particles consistently fill the cosmos at extreme high concentration and mobility. So, “Cloud & rain model” thanks for honest hypothesis about “dark matter”. 

“The Big Bang theory” has no idea about the correlation between “The Big Bang theory” and dark matter. They still “wait and see” about this case. This theory also can’t explain why dark matter still consistently exist, without decreasing concentration at all for the age of the Universe according its version.

4.    “Galaxy growth”. Please read this case: "Black Holes Create their Host Galaxies" --An Odd Quasar Provides the Clues”, ( See “The Big Bang theory” opinion about this case, as the follow copy paste: “The answer may have been found to the question of whether a galaxy or its black hole comes first -one of the most debated subjects in astrophysics today. A recent study suggests that supermassive black holes can trigger the formation of stars, thus 'building' their own host galaxies”. 
They get trapped again. The above mentioned object is HE0450-2958. It is at Caelum constellation (, at other side of Ursa Major & Leo constellation on Galactic chart. This case harmonizes with “Cloud & rain model” expectation that we will get reverse observation at that part of Galactic chart (other side of “Universe’s nucleus”). The true event about that case is that galaxy under severe condensation by massive dying stars that build black hole intensively. Actually, HE0450-2958 is a dying galaxy.
From collection of cosmological observations around Milky Way, it is clearly seen that Galaxies grow by: new stars births & stars growth, new black holes constructions & black holes growth, and mingling of neighbor galaxies. See more about this at page “Cloud & rain model” of this blog.

5.    “Expanding Universe”. Please see & read:Accelerating universe”, (

Getting confused by “Expanding acceleration”, “The Big Bang theory” hypothesizes a new case “dark energy”; see Dark energy”, (

Wow! At this case “Cloud & rain model” win again. About the interpretation of “Expanding acceleration”, “The Big Bang theory” must hardly hypothesize the case “dark energy”, while “Cloud & rain model” has easily illustrated that as widely written in page “Harmony” of this blog.

The biggest blunder of “The Big Bang theory” came from wrong interpretation of “macro pattern” of the Universe since the very beginning. Then, when “The Big Bang theory” had successfully defeated “Einstein Static theory” & “Steady State Universe”, the followers of the “Big Bang theory” get more and more over confidence.
Well! It is just fine for the past!

Actually, if the interpretation of its “macro pattern” of whatever case has been right or close enough to the right, we will get the right answer about that case more precisely and more easily. If friends start with wrong interpretation of the “macro pattern” of any case, then they will get trapped easily. The over confidence of “The Big Bang theory” holders is mainly because they think that they have the very sophisticated theory “Einstein General Relativity Theory” with them. But we mustn’t easily forget that “Einstein General Relativity” is only a mathematical equation. It is not a simple physics law. Mathematical equation of “Einstein General Relativity” is a product of processing of physics laws composite and attached parameters that are involved on certain case which we want to interpret. One significant sample; “Einstein General Relativity” has been successful to be applied at “GPS” on our planet, because friends who use that equation fully master its “macro pattern” and “complete parameters” in that case.