“Cloud and rain model”
The real structure of the Universe

Whereas clouds are persistently there every day,
thank nature,
 rain doesn’t always fall.

      Universe has nucleus at center. It is located around behind Ursa Major & Leo constellation. The “Universe’s nucleus” launches abundant particles of dark matter to cosmos at extraordinary speed, faster than the light speed, every split second.
      At cosmos, the bundles of fogs of concentrated dark matter construct stars and their solar system. The neighbor stars construct small or micro galaxies. The micro galaxies will continue developing themselves to be bigger and bigger.
      Besides being the source of matters for stars construction and black holes growth, dark matter dynamics in mighty space also functions as cosmic atmosphere that drag galaxies with the high speed away from “Universe’s nucleus”. This event causes galaxies spread and recede from each others in cosmos.  
      Galaxies grow by: new stars births & stars growth, new black holes constructions & black holes growth, and mingling of neighbor galaxies.
      Just like clouds in our sky, galaxies will get condensation. By ageing, the stars will die and the black holes will develop. Then, when a galaxy gets too dense, it will fall down, back toward Universe nucleus due to gravity of “Universe’s nucleus” turning stronger than dragging force of “cosmic atmosphere of dark matters”. Those all events happen in cycles continuously and eternally.