“Cloud & rain model” as a model of Structure of the Universe is derived by using the ultimate law or fact of the Universe that is “nature’s facts”, primarily: “pattern equality fact”, and “pattern stability fact”. It harmonizes with all latest “cosmological observation”, physics laws and nature’s facts that are proper and valid in this Earth, in this galaxy and in the one Universe.

“Pattern facts of nature”

      “Pattern facts of nature” is the highest law in the Universe. It is the ultimate judge of everything. Any or certain mathematical equation or theory will never be the ultimate judge of everything. Cases, events, physics laws, theories and conclusions in the Universe have to harmonize with and obey “pattern facts of nature”.
      So, don’t ever try to produce, to play and to follow theory that doesn’t harmonize with “pattern facts of nature”. If you do that, science history at this planet will laugh at you.
      Pattern facts of nature” isn’t a coincident thing or case that we daily face, because everything no exception including events we experience every moment will always follow and obey “pattern facts of nature”. “Pattern facts of nature” is neither fabricated at all nor manmade laws.
      The most significant “Pattern facts of nature” are:
1.    “pattern equality”
2.    pattern stability”, and
3.    “pattern uniqueness”.
These three pattern facts are highly involved with our daily life and activities. How come we do not realize of this?

      “Pattern equality fact” of nature states every subject or thing either real or abstract, such as: matter, energy, event, formula, space, time and software has pattern equality character that is: every subject has pattern equality with other subject in this Universe. In other word, there is no subject having no pattern equality at all with other subject in this Universe. Most commonly, every subject either real or abstract has pattern equality with more than one other subject in this Universe. One significant expression of pattern equality fact is mathematics.

      “Pattern stability fact” of nature states every concrete (real) matter or structure of matter has tendency to be stable under terms of condition: 
1.    Every converting from one or more stable concrete things into one or more stable or/and unstable concrete things will either require or release energy.
2.    Every unstable concrete thing or things will tend to change into stable concrete thing or things, in condition either requiring or releasing energy.
One significant expression of pattern stability fact is Newton's first law of motion or law of inertia.

      “Pattern uniqueness fact” of nature states every concrete or real subject or thing, such as: matter, structure, formation, building, event and other items has uniqueness character with one or more other subject that have pattern equality with it. Samples of uniqueness fact are: finger print, tree leave, house, car and whatever concrete subject. This fact has demonstrated that regardless every leaf of the same tree has extremely high degree of pattern equality with other leaves, every of them remain unique.

The cosmos dynamics
isn’t expanding acceleration at all

      If every morning we see the sun appears at east and every afternoon we see the sun sinks at west, it doesn’t mean that the sun encircles the Earth. It just means that we need to study that sky observation data. Friends at Earth have already wise about this, but not yet for the observation of redshift acceleration for the highest redshift sky objects.
      The follow pictures isn’t in scale to reality,

If Fug > Fcp , objects will fall down back toward “universe nucleus”.
If Fcp > Fug , objects will fly leaving “universe’s nucleus” to spread in cosmos.

Fug  =  gravity force of “Universe’s nucleus”
Fcp  =  cosmic pressure of dark matter
r     =  distance between the two cores.

Generally, for low redshift sky objects at cosmos, the objects are in condition Fcp > Fug.
      See picture above. The 2 objects A & B will recede to each other to spread in cosmos. But we won’t get data observation of spreading acceleration for low redshift sky objects. We even will get data deceleration of spreading for several or many of low redshift sky objects. Quite many of them even get closer to each other. 

      It is different with the highest redshift sky objects. Those objects are in condition Fug > Fcp.
A is an object that is falling down back toward “Universe’s nucleus”.
B is a redshift of the reverse direction movement cosmological observation of the high redshift sky object. The true movement is that object B is on travel towards “Universe’s nucleus” with the speed much faster than the light speed.
      The greater the distance between A & MW, the greater the receding speed of the two objects due to increasing gravity force of “Universe’snucleus” against A.

      For cosmological observation of object B, we get the acceleration redshift value because on that reverse cosmological observation, we are cheated. The true movement is from Q toward X. But we get observation, it moves from X towards Q. So, when that object at position X starts to send the light, the light that comes from that object on its earlier position Q has already arrived at Q1. This case causes that the redshift acceleration indication of reverse observation from B to Q will be higher than the redshift acceleration indication of the real movement from X to X1. That’s why we get observation that the highest redshift of sky objects at other part of “Universe’s nucleus” higher than the highest redshift of sky objects at around “Universe’s nucleus” (around behind Ursa Major & Leo constellation).
On “List of the most distant astronomical objects”, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_the_most_distant_astronomical_objects), we get the highest redshift object UDFj-39546284, z = 11.9 at Fornax constellation (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UDFj-39546284).