Fellows, no more “Big Bang theory” today!
      Keeping absorbed with “The Big Bang theory” (the most false theory ever in cosmology) for too long will only demonstrate to the history of science in this planet that the scientists at this era are extremely less smart.    

      The real Universe structure is “Cloud & rain model”!

      All cosmos observation from the oldest to the latest are always in harmony with “Cloud & rain model”, while they are (many newest ones) giving many mysteries with “The Bing Theory”.
      The old conclusion that the Universe expanding base on almost all cosmos objects redshift (so it had defeated “Einstein Universe”, but saluted Einstein relativity theory) isn’t accepted anymore now, because lately we get many cosmos objects showing redshift z much greater than 1.
      Any object moving with the speed “faster enough” than the light speed (for around 1 to 2 times the light speed, depend on angle of vector directions of the object and observer) against observer, whether the object nearing or receding the observer, will always indicate redshift. Why? That is because on the above situation, the light of the object that arrives first to the observer is always the light that originates from the nearer position of the moving object.
      Of course, there is complaint to the above statement! Oh, what a pity! (They must get controversial explanation with objects having redshift z >1 in cosmos). But the complaint comes from friends & comrades too tightly grasping Einstein statement regarding his “Relativity theory” that matter can’t move faster than the speed of light. There must be correction about this matter movement speed limit. Einstein’s statement above is almost correct. But, the true case is any ordinary matter can’t move faster than the speed of light.

      When we talk about matter and space (travel media), there is one important thing that we must never forget! In our general situation, we face space and ordinary matter. Actually, both space and ordinary matter that we generally mean is one the same thing. There is only little different that is the concentration of space & matter in it. Both space (travel media) and ordinary matter contain space & matter. In the situation where we get space = 0% and matter = 100 %, that object isn’t an ordinary matter. This matter is a “compressed atom structure matter”. It happens when in atom of ordinary matter, electrons become one with atom nucleus, in such a way so there is no space at all in that matter, or it gets space = 0 %, while matter = 100 %. The “compressed atom structure matter” is only exists at extremely high pressure & temperature. Samples of “compressed atom structure matter” are black holes, dark matter, star nuclei, planet nuclei and “Universe nucleus”.
      So, when we talk about: ordinary matter can’t move faster than the speed of light, it expresses that object with contains space & matter, where space > 0%, can’t move faster than the speed of light in travel media contains space & matter. Any object where space = 0 % or object of “compressed atom structure matter” undoubtedly can flit faster or much faster than speed of light. The logical explanation about this is the objects containing “space & matter” travel on media containing “space and matter” too. The larger concentration of “space” inside the moving object, the larger that object gets resistance to travel through the travel media. Likewise, the larger concentration of “matter” in the travel media, the larger any object gets resistance to travel through. One simple sample of this case is that we need to hammer the nail to move inside the wood.

      One concrete & important sample of the object that travels faster than the light speed can be read on the article: “Mystery object in Starburst Galaxy M82 possible micro-quasar”, (, as the follow ‘copy paste’: “The galaxy, known as M82, is 10 million light years away and is a stellar production line churning out new stars at a prodigious rate. However, many of these stars die quickly in huge explosions, with a new supernova explosion occurring every 20 to 30 years. “The new object, which appeared in May 2009, has left us scratching our heads – we’ve never seen anything quite like this before,” said Dr Muxlow. “The object turned on very rapidly within a few days and shows no sign of decaying in brightness over the first few months of its existence. The new young supernova explosions that we were expecting to see in M82 brighten at radio wavelengths over several weeks and then decay over several months, so that explanation seems unlikely.” The plausibility of a supernova explanation was further undermined when very accurate positional monitoring by the UK network of radio telescopes, MERLIN, tentatively detected a change in position for the object over the first 50 days. This was equivalent to an apparent superluminal motion of over 4 times the speed of light. Such large apparent velocities are not seen in supernova remnants and are usually only found with relativistic jets ejected from accretion disks around massive black hole systems.”
About this object can also be read at article: “Messier 82”, (

      “The Big Bang theory” is still gloriously flagging until now, mainly because it is holding three following traps:
1.    Trap of cosmological observation that almost all sky objects indicate resdshift, while there was no indication for the existence of Universe’s nucleus at the center. Remember; several hundred years ago, our friends got trapped by simple watch that the sun encircles the Earth.
2.    Since the very beginning, “The Big Bang theory” relies on “Einstein relativity equation.” By setting “cosmological constant” as needed depending on any time progressive cosmic observation, it is assumed “The Big Bang Theory” synchronizes with that theory.
But we should never forget one significant point that “Einstein’s Relativity Theories” are only a mathematical equation. They are not a simple physics law. Mathematical equation of “Einstein General Relativity” is a product of processing of physics laws composite and attached parameters that are involved on certain case which we want to interpret.
Actually, when we want to apply certain mathematical equation against one case or object, we must get the right interpretation of its “macro pattern”. On cosmology about Universe’s structure, “The Big Bang Theory” has missed the most significant point that is the Universe having nucleus at center.
3.    “The Big Bang theory” gets trapped with Einstein expectation that all objects can’t travel faster than the speed of light.